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We are LIVE!

After a life-time of dreaming about dedicating my life to my passion, the moment has finally arrived! While I have been creating art my whole life and shared trinkets of my passion with the world, I've held myself back for many years.

While a part of me wishes that I would've dedicated my life to what I truly love sooner, I don't regret the journey that got me to this point. I have learned so much about life and myself and I turned my life upside down plenty of times. Through all the ups and downs, lessons, changes of mind and times I have rediscovered myself, my passions in life remain the same as they were since my childhood. All the attempts on other directions and paths have proved to me that they are not “it” and that I knew the answers all along. I am relieved, proud, happy and grateful that I have finally freed myself from the shackles of my own mind and can move forward into my truest life without regrets.

Part of this, as you might've guessed, is my art. Today is the day I am finally launching this website, where I will be sharing my art with the world. I am also launching my Etsy store, where I will be selling some of my creations. But first and foremost, it is the day of me making a commitment to myself and my art.

I would like to thank everyone of my wonderful supporters, who empowered me, believed in me and inspired me. It was a long journey that got us here and I am excited to see where the path will lead next.

Kay as Krystal


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