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ClarityCraft is a blend of Art and organisation. Organisation in any capacity, is a creation of clarity. And Art in itself can be a form of or inspiration for clarity, both for the creator and perceiver. This is the essence of ClarityCraft.

Each piece of ClarityCraft is a unique, handmade creation. Whether it is used as a noticeboard for organising one’s daily routine, to bring colour into someone’s space or like a vision board for wishes and dreams – creativity isn’t just part of the creation of an object, but also its use.

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My wish behind each piece of ClarityCraft is that it will bring joy, inspiration and of course clarity to the person it goes to, just like I create each piece with joy, inspiration and clear intention.

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Which one is your favourite?

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All ClarityCraft pieces can be purchased at any events we exhibit at. Alternatively, a meetup (within Ireland) or shipping* can be arranged. 

Please contact us for further information. 

*Note: Packaging and shipping costs are added to each individual purchase, depending on the location of the purchaser and packaging requirements according to the size and material of the art piece. 

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