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Ribbon Tassel Keychains

If you're anything like me, finding your keys in your bag, pocket or generally around the house can be an outright treasure hunt. This is why I started attaching all sorts of keychains to my keys as early as my parents entrusted me with my first house key. I do confess: sometimes my keys with all the stuffed animals, souvenirs and fun keychains attached to it would take up a good portion of my bag.

And so, as a lover of Arts & Crafts, it only came natural that I started making my own. While I tried different kinds, styles and materials, the ribbon tassel keychains turned out to be my favourite. Next to the ease of finding my keys, they also add style and my personality to my keys and make me happy every time I use them.

This is why I handcraft my one-of-a-kind keychains with love and I hope that every one of them will bring joy to the person who receives it.

The creation process

I start with the charm; sometimes I get a specific idea, sometimes I pair beads, charms and dividers together to see how the colours, shapes and sizes look with each other.

Once I’m happy with a combination, I create the charms using ear pins, head pins and jump rings.

With a charm created, I get out my ribbon boxes (shoeboxes filled with ribbons ^^) and see which ribbons would make a good combination with the charm.

Then its time to cut the ribbons into the right length, seal the ribbon ends and let them dry.

The last step is putting the ribbons and charms together on a keyring, which I do with the use of jewellery wire.

Finally I craft the packaging.

Keychains can be attached to your bag, purse, scrapbook or to whatever brings you joy. They also make a great gift of appreciation, present for friends' birthdays, celebrations, milestones, Christmas, Mother's day, etc.

To see all keychains, visit my Etsy store.


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